Thursday, 3 September 2015

Day 3: A lament for toast.

Is there anything nicer than a crunchy piece of hot buttered toast?  My favourites are a good multi-seed bread, double toasted and topped with cheese and tomato or avocado with lemon juice, salt and pepper or peanut butter and honey.  Well of course the toppings are endless.  Oh, oh butter and Bovril!  Mmmmm.

So what the f*** can substitute bread?  What else has that substantial, I-can-sink-my-teeth-into-this feeling?  That chewy feeling? Avocado on celery stick? Bleh.  Peanut butter on apple slices? Sounds yummy but not every day.  There isn’t a vegetable on this planet I want Bovril on.

Also it’s quick.  Listen I love salad as much as you do, but it involves a fair amount of chopping and tearing and eradicating green pepper seeds, so it’s not really an economical use of time when you’re preparing for one.  Also, storage!  My fridge has never been this full!  Keeping a family of 6 on a consistent diet of rabbit and lion food takes a lot more storage and a lot more shopping!  Rusks, cereals and breads are just so blimming convenient.

And there’s all that excellent roughage; I usually eat bran rusks and muti-seed, wholegrain bread, soooo after 3 days, I have to say I am a little bit (constipated) – yes, despite all those vegetables and salad!  It could be the extra meat or perhaps that going from 6 coffees to 2 (because it tastes so awful without sugar) I might not be getting in enough water?

Ok, so while I seriously doubt I’ll be abandoning bread for good after these 21 days, I am seeing ways to cut down on all sorts of stuff.  I mean there’s a lot of other stuff I’m having to give up on too and I realise I could happily never have a piece of chocolate ever again if I could just have 2 slices of bread a day.  Likewise I’ll forgo my other 5 cups if I can have one delicious sugared cup of coffee.

Statistics for Day 2:
Energy level: 4=good (Where 5 = ‘I could jog around the block’ and 1 = ’I’d like to take a nap’) Now that could be because I worked from home yesterday which always energises me.

Statistics for Day 3:
Energy level: 3=medium (Where 5 = ‘I could jog around the block’ and 1 = ’I’d like to take a nap’)
Weight: feeling fat, but way too early to measure.

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