Friday, 25 September 2015

Days 15-21: And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Did anyone notice that the 21 day NO Bread, NO Sugar deadline came and went?  Umm not me.

In the spirit of honest blogging let me share that around day 17 I was again battling with constipation.  So shortly after reporting that I had lost 2 kg, I apparently put about 1,5 back on.  It seems ironic considering many people feel that wheat ‘blocks up’ their tummies, but clearly I just wasn’t getting in enough roughage so I reverted to my wheat bran rusks for breakfast.

And that’s where it all started going wrong, because once the door was open I thought, “Mmm, I have been avoiding potatoes but technically they’re allowed…” so Friday night I had a bag of potato chips.  Then I thought I’d take the weekend off and sample all the things I’d been stashing in the cupboard.  Like: my friend’s homemade fudge, those chocolate biscuits that were on sale (disappointing), my multi-grain bread (stomach still not working at this stage), a glass of mango juice – for Pete’s sake!  When did mango juice and multi-seed bread become a wicked cheat?  Then we went out and I had garlic focaccia.  Sunday we had rolls.  And that was pretty much my diet through the floor.


Net result is: no weight lost. No discernible changes in energy levels.  And in the light of my epic fail weekend, I didn’t really think it was worth spending money to get my cholesterol tested.  However just because we can’t see or feel a difference doesn’t mean something’s not worth doing.  Cholesterol is an invisible killer. Likewise too much sugar revving up our insulin over and over will wear out our bodies well before our earthly need for them is up.

Interestingly not all the wheat indulgences were as good as I had fantasised about.  But my rusks and multi-grain bread are here to stay. Taste just like old friends and good for my… um moving on…
I am still cutting down on added sugar and we now have very little starch with suppers. I was surprised by how easily we have left potatoes out of our diet.  I also made a wonderful breakfast discovery: Tia’s sugar-free, wheat-free muesli is quite tasty.

So here’s to small, but long term changes.

Those extra 5kg I am carrying?  Damned if I know.

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