Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Issues Abound #21DaysNoBS

Day 1 done: no sugar no wheat.  Issues abound. (You may find me a little grumpy here)

1.      I am scared that I’m now creating an obsession for sweets that never existed.  As I mentioned in my last blog I’m not really a tempted much by sweets, chocolates or dessert sand rarely have them.  But yesterday I walked through Spar and every single chocolate bar was calling my name!  “Eat us!” they pleaded.  This is exactly my issue with restrictive diets, I am sure they create cravings where none existed.

2.      I’m scared I might pick up weight.  What do you snack on?  I find I turned to nuts and biltong, since I’d already had salad for lunch and lots of veggies for supper.  Usually I’d have had a sandwich with cheese and cucumber or a coffee; which surely must have less calories than a handful of nuts or biltong?

3.      I’m not buying the ‘reset your palate’ thing.  The sweetness level in an apple, a banana, sweet potato – tastes right.  Likewise a cup of coffee with a generous teaspoon of sugar.  I only had 2 cups yesterday because it’s just not tasty without the sugar.

4.      I think it’s going to me make me feel sad and cheated.  Ok, lunch was delicious (chicken salad) and supper was delicious (Fillet with cream, mushrooms, spinach & brown rice with a side of sweet potato & banana fritters), but that little sweet treat for breakfast and afternoon (sweet coffee and rusk) is sorely missed.   And my daughter had to turn down a delicious slice of Carrot Cake today, which she hardly ever has!  Is this whole upheaval really worth leading a life where there are so many things we have to say no to? (Don’t give me the stevia/xylitol and coconut flour recipes just yet – that’s not Real Food in my book.)

Did I gleen any positives?  Weeelll, I can see how I could reduce sugar.  For example I think after the 21 days I might savour one really good cup of coffee with sugar instead of having the 6-8 I usually have.

Energy level: 2=Low. (Where 5 = ‘I could jog around the block’ and 1 = ’I’d like to take a nap’)
Weight: way too early to measure - check back in a week.

Day 2, here we go. Sigh.


  1. Go Natalie. So impressed you are doing this. And blogging too. Tomorrow is probably going to be the worst, if you are anything like me. Hang in there.

  2. Sounds good. I have managed to cut out two spoons of sugar in both tea and coffee. I must say I don't miss it. I think by the end you will just appreciate the taste of coffee by itself. Or you will cut out coffee and get locked up for killing someone :)